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Impacting By Connecting You To You...

For the past 8 years, I have been on the journey of loving myself to life, now I want to be a resource to you in the process of finding you. I also want to help the next generation to not fall prey to the mental mind traps that will cause them to compare, measure, and equate their failures and views based on someone else.

The tools that are on this site will give a better direction in letting go of everything on the outside. This is a challenge because we have been conditioned to look to others for validation and when we move away from those things, the path to learning about self can be lonely. You don't have to be alone. There are many people that are on the same path as you and will embrace your journey to Loving Yourself To life

by creating content that motivate you to heal and encourage to live and inspire you to love your life on purpose. I have experienced a down period in my life that turned my sights to look within. There was nothing on the outside that fulfilled my purpose in loving me. I only received others' visions and that caused me to lose the drive to see what was apart of me all along.




Individual sessions are for listening to an encouraging conversation. A personal hypeman/woman that will join your vibration in creating a life you want.



Do you want to get together with some awesome women and chat about your journey?



A little uneasy about homeschool? Do you want to talk to others that homeschool across the nation? Check out one of the homeschool groups to join discussions or participate in live chats.



Books, Apparel, and offers on LMSL merchandise and other affiliate sites.

Therapy Sessions

Podcast Episodes

Need a little motivation before your days begin? Add Loving Myself to life podcast to your morning drive, run, or cleaning routine. Click on the link for a catalog of current and past episodes.  You can also go over to the blog session and read some of the recorded episodes and some entries that have not been recorded.

About The Site

Welcome to Loving Yourself to life! A place where the topic is always about you. You are the center of the conversation and the conversation should be about how to empower you. Sometimes it is helpful to discuss pressing issues with someone that has only and interest in hearing you not judging. Someone that does not know where you have been and only has an interest in where you are going. It is hard sometimes to tell your dreams and aspirations to those that have seen your failures. try an HonestChat today with J. Chatfield to troubleshoot or funnel through the information that leads you closer to your goals. 

Getting Answers

In 2015 I found myself overweight and hating my existence. I refused to take pictures with my family and all I wanted to do was sleep and let life take care of itself. Then one day I stumbled onto the truth that laid dormant inside of me. The truth that made me dig deeper into my faith and come out with a clearer understanding of who I am and the power I possessed to turn my life into a progression of change.




Self Esteem






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