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J. Chatfield

Don't be alarmed by the great picture you see below. I happen to love it. You see I have been in a place where I thought perfection is something that was required to do something. Anything! I quickly found out that perfection resides within the person. You determine your perfection. Most of what people see as perfection is impressed upon what happens on the outside. The out made me hate the inside because I could never measure up to it. So, I post a simple picture of myself because this is me. no make-up. No professional shoot. Just me in a drive-thru safari. I love it! I am a person on a journey that found out my journey was to help others.

Loving yourself to life is just what it says. No filters. No chasers. Just you. You are the beginning of your season and the season can be whatever you want it to be. Why not make your season great, fantastic, abundant! You only need to find the right mindset and the patience to help you be great again because you were born great! I was born great but I lost myself in a superficial world that only wants to use you and feed fear into your soul.


The services offered through Lovingyourdelftolife are purely to help you get on the road to you. I offer online live chats, one on one sessions, group sessions, and homeschool planning and starting service. whatever you need is, I may have something for you. If I don't then we will find what you need to help you and only you. This is a selfish page and I want you to understand we will only look to you. You are your source. You are your power. Have you given that power away? Are you ready to embrace you?

Contact Me Today To Set Up An Appointment So We can Talk About Your Needs. 

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