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The Journey of You

Sometimes we don't want to share our journey for fear of being judge or looking foolish. When you become comfortable with yourself you will begin to share when the time is right. I am so passionate about my journey because I know there are others that have had the same experience and need to heal from the trauma of being misunderstood or have been outcasted because they wanted to know the answers to their questions. It has taken me a long time to be comfortable sharing my truth with others. At this point, I have heard so many be frustrated by not being heard. The reasons for this that I have found as to why these things happen is that you, the God in you, the creator in you, the divine mind in you, is not comfortable sitting back while you are continually being hurt and shut down your gifts so that others can be comfortable around you. I am not interested in how you feel around me at the expense of me feeling less than.

Where did this division come from? Why is it that something needs to be cast out of me because I have questions? Why am I listening to someone else that does not have an expertise in me? This has been an Achilles heel of mine for years to the point of silence. Every time I close my eye of sat in silence I would see and feel things that no one in my circle at the time could explain. If they could not explain it then it must be from the depths of somewhere. Yes, it was from the depths. The depths of me that was fighting its way back to me so that I can fulfill my purpose.